Friday, October 5, 2007



We did it! We injected our first HCG at 10 p.m. - which is much later than I had anticipated, but mixing our first batch was quite the harrowing experience... If you want, I'll give you the details (it's pretty funny actually - those rubber stoppers do NOT like the 18g mixing needle I started out using. Oy.), but for now I'll just get to the nitty-gritty.

My beginning weight: 179.8
Eddie's beginning weight: 247.6

I'll post measurements later. In case you're wondering, I did end up giving Eddie his first shot. He layed down on the couch and covered his eyes... It was too funny. All went well - It honestly did NOT hurt. We didn't "load" today, perse. We didn't even eat our first meal until after noon, but tomorrow and Sunday we'll load seriously.

Alrighty then... Gnight!


BizAdventure said...

Oh good! I am so glad to see that your load officially starts when there is HCG in your system! WOO HOO! Consider this a CARTE BLANCHE on eating anything and everything. Load GOOD and FULL! I can't wait to see your first VLCD day! WOO HOO FOR YOU!

Darryl said...

Well done. You've kept me in suspense long enough. Now go to Dairy Queen. I started a week ahead of you (plural you) so I'm no expert but I do know about "Pecan Mud Slides".
Have fun

mcirksey said...

Yaaay... you started! I'm cheering for you. We're about the same weight and height and my hubby's the same weight, and height as eddie. His father has a history of diabetes as well. I'm definately going to show him your blog.

Amie said...

Yay! I'm excited to have started as well. I had a rough loading day today and Eddie and I are considering doing another load day tomorrow. I have the flu and have been throwing up sick all day today. (yuk!)