Monday, October 8, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

Argh! If adversity only makes us stronger, I'm going to end up the strongest woman around!

So - my second official load day was spent 90% in the bathroom with the flu! I couldn't keep anything down until about 9:00 tonight. LOL and sigh...

So, I guess I should do a third (or I guess a "second" second .. *g*) load day .. ?? .. or should I do another two load days since there was about 24 hours between my two load days? I guess I should go back and see if Dr. Simeons says anything about it in Pounds and Inches.

Injections are going well. We are using 1" 25g needles, and I think I *might* have nicked a muscle yesterday when injecting Eddie. He has a bit of padding over his abs (*g*) but he said it hurt quite a bit. (Eddie's a big baby, mind you. lol) I was careful today to make sure the needle went in on an angle, and he said there was very little stinging.

Onward and upward!

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BizAdventure said...

Hmmm, your choice to either load one more day or start. Whatever you decide, I sure hope you feel better soon! Will be watching!