Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 9 VLCD (First Round)

Amie Starting Weight: 180.2
Yesterday: 169.6
Today: 169.6
0 lb. Released Overnight
10.6 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/2007
Average Weight Release Per Day: 1.18 lb.

Eddie Starting Weight: 248.8
Yesterday: 236.2
Today: 236.0
0.2 lb. Released Overnight
12.8 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/07
Average Weight Release Per Day: 1.42 lb.

Well, any loss is a good loss - so YAY for Eddie! :) And I seem to be stair-stepping my way to success! lol Just had a few minutes home for lunch .. will post menus, etc. later.

Sorry for the delay everybody :) This is what we ate:

Amie: Lunch - sauteed steak with garlic, aminos and pepper. 1 tomato, 1 Melba toast & seven strawberries with stevia.
Dinner: 100g 96/4 ground beef seasoned with onion powder, garlic powder and pepper, pan-cooked to well done and 1 small sliced tomato. 1/2 large Honeycrisp apple & 1 Melba toast.

Eddie: I'm not sure - he didn't tell me before he went to bed! lol

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cb9094 said...

I've been pouring over your old posts reading about when you first began to lose weight etc. I made the mistake of getting on the scale tonight (just to peek) after my 1st load day, BIG MISTAKE. Holly cow, I've gained another person in one day! I really have not eaten that much today!

Thanks for continuing to "put it out there", it really helps us beginners!

Now if I can just remember to Breathe!