Tuesday, October 23, 2007

VLCD Day 15 (First Round)

Amie Starting Weight: 180.2
Yesterday: 170
Today: 169.4
0.6 lb. Released Overnight
10.8 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/2007
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.72 lb.

Eddie Starting Weight: 248.8
Yesterday: 230.8
Today: 230.6
0.2 lb. Released Overnight
18.2 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/07
Average Weight Release Per Day: 1.21 lb.

YAAAAAAAAY! I'm back on track! Not much to report today, so here's our menu:

Amie: Breakfast - grissini and apple
Lunch: 96/4 ground beef and one small tomato
Dinner: chicken breast and grissini - no veggie yet (LOL I was going to eat a couple handfuls of organic mixed greens but I forgot until just now. Better get on that.)

Eddie: Breakfast - apple
Lunch: 96/4 ground beef and cabbage
Dinner: 96/4 ground beef and onions


Renee said...

Good to see you back on track. Congrats!

cherylk said...

Hey Amie, I found your blog! Thanks for checking mine out. :)

That's so cool that your boyfriend is doing it with you! My hubby started loading yesterday, I guess... talk about torture! All his complaining about food I'd die to eat! hehe

Looks like we started right about the same time, but you're WAY skinnier than me! Hope that makes you feel better!

I haven't been brave enough to do the before pictures.. I know I really should. Yours are awesome! I'm going to seriously think about it.

I'll keep checking on you, we have to be here for each other!

Cheryl :)

p.s. - I took a look at your other blog.. you are so funny! I would have come to your party! You need new friends, sweetie!

Tracey said...

Hi Amie...got to check out your site tonight. Love all the graphics. I linked you on my blog. We all can you support!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...means alot starting with this new journey! Thanks!