Sunday, September 13, 2009

hCG Overload!! (It's a Good Thing)

Ohhh my goodness y'all. Let me tell YOU... Ha!

So, we found out about 8 weeks ago that I am pregnant for my second child! (Guess that hCG stuff works after all, huh??) Since I have PCOS, we're wondering if that second round of hCG had anything to do with jump-starting ovulation. (???)

Our wonder-hormone has also seen me to many porcelain-god-hugging sessions of late, which I guess is very good. Pffft. I did manage to lose a few pounds there in the early days, but I've been reassured by my doctor that I did manage to gain it all back and then some. Darnit. Thankfully, I have developed a rather curious aversion to meat, so I'm thinking seriously about just stocking up on fresh fruit, veggies and protein shakes. I think it was that last chicken sandwich I bit into and found a vein.... OMFG I cannot tell you how much control it took not to barf all over the interior of my car. I have excersiiiiized the (meat) demon! Yuck!!

We've pretty much settled on a boy first-name, but can't agree on a girl's name yet. I am taking any and all suggestions, and even if it's what you want to name your next baby - it's not like we live next door! LOL Please help!

That's about it for the latest news. Other than the fact that *none* of my clothes fit me now, since I got rid of most of my "big" clothes and my smaller clothes stopped fitting not long after I got into them. *cough* (oops) I have thus far been pretty unsuccessful at finding maternity clothes that fit at thrift shops. It's all either size small or double-XL. Grrrr! I'm about to say screw it and just get down to Old Navy already.

Gotta get the rest of this house clean. Later!