Friday, October 19, 2007

Progress Pics 10/18/07

Here we are! MUCH better than last night's pics. Click the image for a larger view, if you dare! LOL

P.S. I'll be leaving at 10 a.m. for MN and will be gone overnight, so I won't be able to post tomorrow night. I am also thinking of allowing myself ONE "cheat" meal since we'll be eating out the entire time. I don't think I'll want to cheat, per se, but I have this feeling the restaurants we're going to will be very hcg-unfriendly. :P I'll let you know how that goes! LOL Ta-ta for now!


BizAdventure said...

OMG AMIE! I cannot believe the diff I see in BOTH of you this early in the game! Look at E's stomach!!! WOW! Look at your stomach!!! WOW AGAIN!

WOW! How totally amazing to see the transformation on the both of you!

Have fun - don't call it a "cheat", gosh how I hate that word, it's so NEGATIVE! Just say "deviation" because that is all it is. Believe me that restaurants are a lot more catering then you might give them credit for. So just deviate a bit - be prepared for anything and come back to us quick! We all need this FIX!

cb9094 said...

Wow, Amie, I can totally see change!! I can't believe it has only been ONE week. You give me such hope.

Here's to shrinkage (the good kind)! HeHe!

mcirksey said...

OMG!! What a difference an hcg week makes! You 2 are really inspiring.

Have a safe and happy trip. Can't wait to see your next update.

Amy's hCG Blog said...

The changes are very noticeable in both of you! I hope you have a wonderful trip. Congratulations on so much success!