Thursday, January 17, 2008

D10R2P2 - Huuungryyy

Amie Starting Weight: 164.2
Yesterday: 159.4
Today: 158.6
0.8 lb. Released Overnight
5.6 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 01/08/08
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.56 lb.

Short post this morning, since I didn't get on yesterday ...

I had two clementines for breakfast, 96/4 ground beef and a roma tomato for lunch, and a grilled chicken caesar salad for dinner - no dressing. We ended up going to Logan's for dinner since everyone was starving (including me) and we were out and about. I forgot to ask for no cheese or croutons though. :( I ate it anyway... and a few bites of my daughter's nutter butter fudge slide. I've got to be honest. I did drink a whole crapload of water yesterday, though. I was very hungry all day, but nothing uncontrolable until around dinnertime, because I didn't end up getting out of work until after 7 p.m. We didn't end up at the restaurant until after 8. It gets bad if I have to wait to eat until much after 6 p.m.

Aright, gotta run to work - I'm hoping to post again tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

R2P2D08 - Damn Pizza

Amie Starting Weight: 164.2
Yesterday: 161.4
Today: 159.6
1.8 lb. Released Overnight
4.6 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 01/08/08
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.58 lb.

Well, would you look at that! lol Back to business... except that I had a piece of pizza today... I'm looking at my release per day average and it's pretty sad for this stage of the round. Time to step it up, people.

It's on, now.

Monday, January 14, 2008

P2R2 Day ... Hmmm... lol

Aright. I weighed 161.4 this morning. I'm not getting much of anywhere and it's starting to really TICK me off. ;) My fault, though.

Want to hear something funny? Our boss just decided to cut our lunch from 1 hr. to 30 minutes on Mondays so that we have more time for our office meeting. That means no lunch for Amie on Mondays unless I make it the night before... and definitely no lunch today, since he neglected to tell me until 5 minutes before I left. No big. Coffee and an orange. I'm all set.

End of the day rolls around and they start talking about some interview... Now, I'd known we were going to hire two more part-timers, but come to find out the group interview was tonight. Nice. How long does a group interview usually take? One hour, maybe two? Well, let's suffice it to say that the doctor ended up buying us all Little Caesar's at 9 p.m. That's pizza, folks. ARRRRRRRGH!

No loss for Amie tonight. Pretty positive. >:(

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Dangit

Well, I managed to have contracted a flaming sore throat/upper respiratory infection from hell these past couple of days - PLUS I got my TOM. AHH! So I've "fallen off the wagon" so to speak, since dinnertime yesterday. I think, since I didn't load very well this time around, that I'll just count these last two days as kind of a re-load and start fresh as soon as I have enough energy to actually get up and MAKE my food. :P A minor setback. I'm not sweating it.

Gnight everybody - I'm getting to bed early.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

P2 R2 Day 1

Amie Starting Weight: 164.2
Yesterday: ?
Today: 164.2
0 lb. Released Overnight
0 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 01/09/08
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0 lb.

Very short today ;) I'm glad to be back! This time going it "alone" .. but not really, since I have all of you in the trenches (so to speak) with me. :D Just in case any are wondering - Eddie and I are no longer together. I'll stay on-topic and not get into it much on here, but let's suffice it to say that things just didn't work out. Okay - SO:

Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: 100g 96/4 beef with cabbage, seasoned with s/p, cumin and Herbamare
Dinner: same with one roma tomato and one Melba
Snack: 1 small-ish apple

Not enough water today - going to step that up for sure. I'm a leetle bit rusty with this, but it'll fall into place quickly I'm sure. :) So you know - my P3 was almost non-existant. lol I pretty much screwed around the whole time ... so not too shabby for someone who didn't follow protocol much at all.

Yay! That's it for today - catchya all tomorrow, and I will be making the rounds!