Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 6 VLCD (First Round) & Work Trip

Amie Starting Weight: 180.2
Yesterday: 171.2
Today: 170.8
0.4 lb. Released Overnight
9.4 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/2007
Average Weight Release Per Day: 1.57 lb.

Eddie Starting Weight: 248.8
Yesterday: 237.4
Today: 237.0
0.4 lb. Released Overnight
11.8 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/07
Average Weight Release Per Day: 1.97 lb.

I'm not complaining - still over 1 lb. release average per day! We both finally went #2 today ... AFTER weigh-in of course. So I'm hoping for a bigger release tomorrow. Things are pretty smooth now: very little hunger easily taken care of with water or tea, we have our meals down almost to a science. :)

Amie Menu
Breakfast: Orange
Lunch: 100g BSCB and 200g cabbage boiled in broth with sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, salt & pepper.
Snack: 1 Melba toast
Dinner: 100g BSCB and 110g organic baby spinach seasoned with allspice, salt & pepper.

Eddie Menu
Breakfast: Apple & coffee
Lunch: 100g steak and organic baby spinach greens
Dinner: 100g chicken and cabbage
I feel like I'm getting less and less original with our menus ... Sorry about that. :)

Incidentally, I'm going on a trip for work this weekend and will be gone for two days. How do I deal with this? Can I take my hcg with me? I'll be sharing a room with two other women and there is no kitchen, so even if I were to go to the store and buy food - how would I prepare it? I guess I hadn't thought about this before.

Please help!


Renee said...

Hi Amie-
Your losses are going so well! Congrats!

Re: your trip-
Could you possibly take a small cooler with you? You could pack your hcg (even pre-load your shots in this case since it's only for a couple days) in a tupperware container, then pre-grill your chicken, etc. You could take your veggies as well, or what might be easier for you is to simply order a takeout salad (with nothing else on it) and add your pre-grilled chicken to it. The grilled chicken you get at restaurants is usually packed with sugar/sodium so it's not always the best choice.

Or, hotel rooms usually come with coffee makers. You could take your pre-grilled chicken, cabbage (or whatever veggie), perhaps some spices, and a few bowls. Then brew you up a pot of boiling water only and add it to your meat and veggies for a quick & easy soup.

Just a couple ideas off the top of my head. I hope that helps! If I think of anything else I'll let you know!

Amie said...

Thanks! Great ideas! I'll have to see about the cooler... All I can take is a carry-on, so it might get a little tricky that way.

Amie said...

I was just thinking ... Eddie and I are not doing a 'skip day' every week (is that terribly bad?? I hadn't noticed many people mentioning it and we honestly just didn't plan for them in our protocol) and I will only be out of town overnight. I could, feasibly, just 'skip' the night I'm in MN and stay on-protocol as well as humanly possible... ?? ...

BizAdventure said...

Most definitely. DR S allowed for one skip day a week, so you don't have to worry about your shot, but you do have to worry about your eating. You can however get salads from any grocery store, and just take off what you can't have and sprinkle with lemon. You can even sub cottage cheese for a protein just to make it even easier. What do you think?

Is it going to be a problem with eating out? Are the girls in your room gonna bug you about your eating habits?

Amie said...

We are definitely going to be eating out the whole time we're there. The girls know about the protocol so thank goodness they won't be catty about it. Not that I would care. ;) I think I can definitely swing the cottage cheese and just be very careful about my portions. It isn't going to be easy because we always go out and like I said, all of our meals are at restaurants... but I think I can make it through without too much of a trainwreck. :)