Friday, October 5, 2007


It's FRIDAY! Official first Load-Day of our HCG Protocol! WHOOPEEE!


And I'm avoiding it like the Plague.


Some reservations:

First of all, I'm scared as hell that I'm going to start this and just end up cheating and wasting all of my money because I can't stick with a "diet" that doesn't allow me to eat all of the crappy Taco Bell, Burger King, etc. that I want. Gross, I know. :(

Also, we can't do morning injections because Eddie goes to work M-Th at 5:30 a.m. and F-Sun doesn't get up until 10 a.m. or so. We could do the injections at night, but I'm afraid it won't work as well ... or not at all.

Finally, I'm going on at least two trips this month. One trip will be to a Chiropractic conference, which I have to go to or lose my job. The other, which I can postpone, is to a University out-of-state that I'm applying to. My sister is also flying in from CA some time in the next couple of weeks, which poses less of a problem, but could still complicate things.

I've been loading today... kinda... I didn't eat breakfast (doh!) but I did have pancakes, sausage and an egg covered in organic maple syrup for lunch and tortilla chips with cheese-salsa for a snack. I usually don't start eating until later in the day anyhow, so as long as I keep eating until tonight I should be good, right? Well, I'm going to mix my HCG here soon so wish me luck!

Hasta ~ Amie


BizAdventure said...

AMIE! Everyone feels a little apprehension! Just a thought tho, and maybe it's a bit too late right now, but you really shouldn't have started loading without HCG in your system. There is something about the HCG needing to be in there circulating. Oh well. I don't see why night time shots wont work. Plan your breaks well!

cb9094 said...

You can do this...I am pulling for you! Let me know how the shot goes, I am terrified of needles and would like to hear your details!! I can't wait to start!

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Amie, you do not sound like a big eater... like me. Apparently, I could eat you under the table... and under the house. But I know just how you feel. If you are like me, you will have to try hard in the beginning ... but a rhythm sets in and starts to help. Or maybe you won't be like me that way ... maybe you just won't get hungry from the beginning. I am a professional compulsive eater. I'm also a professional dieter & failure at dieting. I swear I cannot believe I can actually do this. I'll be rooting for you!!

Renee said...

Don't avoid the load! I know it's a bit of a psychological game, but it's truly necessary for us to do.

I can also guarantee that your cravings will disappear! Hard to believe now, but I'm amazed how I have none of my regular cravings I used to have. I now start to crave my apple each day, instead of ice cream. You can do it!