Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got my Refuuuund!

Hullo everyone ;)

Got my tax refund this week, so I'm going to order my hcg and the supplies I need to get started on another P2!! WHOOOPEEE!

My girl Brandi has ordered hers as well and is going to be embarking on her first hcg adventure, so I'm pretty stoked about that. She is an awesome, beautiful lady - and I just know she's going to love this protocol as much as EVERYONE has. Amazing.

As of this moment, I weigh 163.8 pounds. Yikes. That is, however, only about 6 pounds heavier than I was at the end of my last two P2's (if you even count my last piddly 10-day attempt) And I've done very little resembling a real P3 either time.

SO - will keep everyone updated, as always. Hopefully Brandi and I can do this together ... If you couldn't tell, I do so much better with some moral support! ;D

xoxo ~ Amie