Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 25 VLCD (First Round) with Update

Amie Starting Weight: 180.2
Yesterday: 164.4
Today: 163.8
0.6 lb. Released Overnight
16.4 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/2007
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.66 lb.

Eddie Starting Weight: 248.8
Yesterday: Between 225.6 and 224.2
Today: 224.2
0-1.4 lb. Released Overnight
24.6 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/07
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.98 lb.

LOL We both fell asleep at 9:00 last night and TOTALLY forgot our shots! We took them when Eddie got up this morning at 4:30.

We are doing fine, aside from sneaking a piece of candy here and there (I'm thinking of hiding it in my daughter's room where I can't see it and Eddie can't FIND it! Ha!) Yesterday I ate a grissini and probably waaaaaay too much crab meat for lunch... they had Alaskan King legs on sale for $6.99 per pound and mmmmmmmm soooo gooood! I ate the meat from two legs and two claws, so whatever that amounted to. I did skip my fruits all day and only had mixed greens with ACV and a grissini for dinner, and it didn't seem to mess me up too badly. I might have lost more if I went directly with protocol, but I wasn't going to let the meat go to waste (Eddie won't eat crab and I'm not sure if it tastes OK reheated... ??) But as always, drank a whole bunch of water and - YAY! - I lost. No harm, no foul.

Aright, here we go: Yes, we ate more candy... We're going to see in the next day or two if this is sneaking up or not! I'm sure it will, since Smarties are NOT on the Protocol!! LOL Ah well, I'm throwing the remainder of the candy away tomorrow after Makayla eats what she wants. No more for us - Scout's Honor!

Amie Lunch: NADA - I ate some candy and felt kinda yuck, so I skipped it and drank 2 quarts of water! HA!
Dinner: ground beef seasoned with onion powder, minced organic garlic and pepper. I poured about 2 tablespoons of ACV into my plate and spooned the beef onto it. I think I may have overdone the meat just a little, and it soaked the vinegar right up. VERY GOOD! Even Eddie said it smelled good this time, so I think instead of cooking with ACV, it'll be restricted to condiment only! lol LOTS of water today, probably over a gallon... We'll see how mad the scale is in the morning!

Eddie Lunch: ground beef and cabbage with spicy seasoning
Dinner: chicken and onions sauteed in lemon juice and water, seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Eddie really liked the extra zing the lemon juice gave it. ;)

Pictures to follow later!


Wendy said...

Way to go Amie!! Even with all your yummy snacks, you still lost!! Keep on keeping on... That is my self proclaimed motto for this protocol... If you fall, get up and start again!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!

Burcu's Journey said...

Hello Amie,
Thank you for your post. You have a great progres. I am just waiting for my HCG and I will update daily once I start my protocol.. Thank you again.
Have a good day.. :)

TNgal80 said...

So good for you guys with no gain!I am kinda sitting at 290 for a while but it is fine. :)
I am eating way too much meat now too....I eat a small chicken a day...LOL Just the meat no veggies or fruit during the day. My body is so craving chicken! It is the lean meat of the bird not the dark skin and I have not gained any so oh well. :) Poor bird didnt know what hit him! HAHA!

But my water intake has increased soo much. I drink that Smart Water with the electrolytes and it seems to help. When I finish I refill with my filtered water at the house so this way I can make sure I drink at least 2 qrts per day. It really is not as bad as I thought it would be.

Well girl take care and have a great day! :D You too Eddie!! :D


cherylk said...

Hi Amie!

I posted a comment, but it doesn't seem to have shown up. I'm going to try again, so sorry if I double post!

I can't believe you can eat chocolate, popcorn, forget your hcg and STILL lose weight! Please share your secret!! hehe

My husband is doing a shortened round, too. He started just under 2 weeks after me, and he is only doing 26 days. Men lose so easily, he's almost caught up with my weight loss!!

I also want to say thanks for your posts on my blog! You are such a sweetheart. I really appreciate your kind words!

Cheryl :)

BizAdventure said...

HA! I come here this morning with a total new view of you. LOL - I just LOVE it! I so love it when people become "real" out in cyberspace, and girlfriend, you are so real!

You have had struggles this round haven't you? You poor darlin'. But it still is coming off! That is just totally amazing! You are totally amazing. GO YOU!!!!