Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, it looks like there is another contributing factor to my lack of loss & gain... besides the greasy calzone. I started my menses today, which is always a surprise. That may have also contributed to the emotional/hormonal factor last night.

I did eat two of Eddie's nacho chips tonight while I was waiting for my chicken to be done cooking. I only had chicken for dinner, and I've been drinking water and tea like a madwoman all day. I hope I can flush at least some of the crap out of my system in the next few days.

I'm tired and I have cramps. I think I'm going to bed early.




Amy's hCG Blog said...

Oh, yes. TOM will cause all kinds of weird issues. I hope the cramps go away. Enjoy all that water. :-)

cherylk said...

Hi Amie!

Well you sound like you're back to your old self!

How funny, my TOM is due, too. I remember when I lived in a dorm, all of our cycles eventually got in sync, until we were all on it at the same time! That was a bad week for the guys on my floor! hehe

Well, no wonder you're craving everything in sight! What a number TOM does on our heads. It sounds like you're back on track, though. I'm glad to see it! Sorry to hear you have cramps, though. Cramps are icky :S

LOL I just noticed that my "word verification" on here starts with "omfg.. etc" Did you do that on purpose? haha ;)

Amie said...

HA! Too funny! I didn't do it on purpose, but I would have if I could ;)