Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 35 VLCD (First Round)

Amie Starting Weight: 180.2
Yesterday: 160.8-161
Today: 160.8
0-0.2 lb. Released Overnight
19.4 lb. Released Since Start of VLCD 10/09/2007
Average Weight Release Per Day: 0.55 lb.

Eddie Starting Weight: 248.8
LIW: 222.0
Today: 219.0

Here's my early-morning update... menus and stuff to follow.

Just really quick: I did eat some lasagna .. and some pork, and a couple of Doritos. But I did NOT eat cake. :D Yesterday all I had to eat was some pizza bcz I ended up staying at my friend's house overnight. It was 5 p.m. before I had anything to eat all day, because I thought I was going home earlier. :P So ohhh wellll ... I don't seem to have suffered *too* badly for it, so today it will be water water water water and back on VLCD! ;)

Lunch: 100g 96/4 ground beef seasoned with Herbamare and cumin, 1/2 medium tomato.
Dinner: Probably 1 egg + 3 egg whites and the other half of the tomato.

I know - enough with the tomatoes already! lol But We have no spinach nor greens .. and if I even LOOK at cabbage I will barf. :O~

Not much news today. I'm going to try to catch up with everyone else's blogs later.



BizAdventure said...

Looks like Eddie is following in the footsteps of my son, just contining to lose while eating food, MEN! Looks like you did well with the deviations! You will make it Amie! Go on with your bad self!

cb9094 said...

I'm glad to see you hanging in there! You're a survivor! I don't think I have ever seen anyone work as hard for 20 pounds as you have. It's going to be a party when you hit that 20 pounds gone mark! You will hear me screaming!!!!

Eddie, all I'll say is that men suck! Ha!

Love ya, Girl! CB

Amy's hCG Blog said...

Hooray! Steady as she goes! Chip chip chip away.

You did very well at the party. You seem to have this ability to start & stop. Not like me.

I ended up eating the same veggies over & over. It came down to which I liked the best & which filled me up the most.

Thanks for the motivation about the water.

cherylk said...

Oh Amie.. only you can eat lasagna, Doritos and pizza and STILL lose! :P

I think TOM is making me crave everything in sight. I'm not sure I could have resisted any of those things if they had been put in front of me today...including the cake!!

Good luck with your VLCD tomorrow! I'd really like to see you hit your 20lb mark :)

TNgal80 said...

Grrrrr. And I mean that in the most supportive way! LOL :D I eat off track and gain like 10 flippin pounds! LOL That is the difference between you and me girl...and I am happy for you!
I know my limits and sometimes blow right through them. :P I am trying to drink some more water as we speak. TOM is killing me this month girl! I am craving chocolate like a mad woman. OOOHH but I found some sugar free DOVE raspberry cream chocolates. YUM!

I am going to make Biz's Pumpkin treat tomorrow for my sweet of choice. Have a good one girl!