Friday, March 6, 2009

Round 2 hCG Day 6 - This Is Why

P2R2 Post-Load Weight 03/03/09: 160.4 lb
Yesterday: 156.4
Today: 155.6 -0.8
Released Since Start of VLCD: 4.8 lb.
Average Daily Release: 1.6 lb.
Total lb. Released with hCG: 24.6 Yes!

I got very little sleep last night. I'm positive I'd have lost more, but I am exhausted today. Lesson learned: Do not procrastinate with class assignments, or you will retain water! Friggen karma. On the bright side, in a few days I will weigh less than I have since high school. Imagine that... ;D

I laid it out for the friends and fam on my MySpace blog yesterday, so I'm likely to get some OMG-mail today. Maybe a few of you decided to actually come here and at least follow my progress and find out for yourself. I appreciate that very much. Like I said - whatever our relationship, I care about you in one way or another. The hCG Protocol works, period. It is safe. It is fast. It is cheap. As long as you don't resume old habits, the weight stays off. Forever. It will work for anyone, regardless of age, sex or whether you're ten or 200 pounds overweight. It's an absolute no-brainer.

The only reason that every American doesn't know about or understand this protocol is that there is much less money in health than sickness. Don't be fooled into thinking the FDA is a public entity with solely our best interests at heart. Food is BIG business. So is medicine. The more food you eat, the more money they make and as a result, the more overweight you get. No one WANTS to be overweight, do they? So why don't people just eat food that is healthy for them, exercise enough and lose the ugly excess fat?

We are addicted, people. There are reasons for that. Overweight is HUGE money.

Obese people are, generally, overeaters and consume more commercial, processed food. ($Bling!$)
They are also less healthy, which means more visits to the doctor, ($Bling!$)
which means more pills, ($BLING!!)
which cause side effects, which require more pills, ($BLING BLING!!$)
which cause more side effects, need more pills and an array of medical procedures ($Blingblingblingbling!$)
and they convince you to stay on this s#!% for the rest of your life, ($$$The Price Is Right! The Price Is Right!$$$) shortened though it may be by years of abuse.

So the younger you get addicted to commercial, processed, additive-laced food, the sooner you will get obese, the longer you will eat the food and the longer they can milk you and your insurance for expensive pills and medical procedures. HELLO?!

This isn't some whackjob conspiracy-theory. It is the truth, and it's time we opened our damn eyes to it. You do not have to be overweight. You can lose the weight, start looking damn good and get healthier in a very short period of time. What's more, you can overcome your likely food addictions and bad eating habits to stay that way. There is an answer and there is support.

More later today... Hasta luego ~*~


Sheri said... is the smoothie recipe you wanted....

just take a handful of fresh strawberries, a handful of ice and a bunch of liquid stevia (depending on how sweet you like it) blend it in a blender, put it in a bowl and eat like phoney immitation ice cream lol its pretty good!

Mo2Lose said...

I totally agree with you Aime. Everything is about money and how to get more of it. Does anyone know why Dr. Simeons was murdered??? I would like to know. Thanks for the inspiration, you are doing great!

Dawn said...


Kat Martin said...

You are brave to tell everyone what you are doing. I told my mom and she acted interested and was nodding and smiling, then as soon as she went home she freaked out to my dad and sister and anyone she could tell. Saying how crazy Me and my sissy were and how dangerous and scary and crazy it is! I was so upset she did that. Not only did I not want the to advertise to the world that I was on a diet (because its nobody's business) but for her to not know jack about it and tell everyone how crazy it was before I could tell them the actual plan. I did some damage control and my dad actually thinks its great- prolly cuz well, IT IS and my mom could use a round or two herself. After that, I only told people who really REALLY wanted to know. Everyone else thought we were on this other diet called Provida that actually has pretty similar eating to this plan. Anywho- That is why I do blogs and you tube videos though. Even though everyone in my life isn't ready to hear about it. Hopefully my experiences will help SOMEONE want to go on the plan. I honestly think its the best thing to ever happen to me and my sister.

hottie said...

Hey girl... I just realized that you've been commenting on my blog! Thanks for your support..I promise to stop by yours and read. Looking at your stas on the side bar you've done good on HCG in the past! Looking forward to following your journey :)

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head with this post Amie. It might be hard to believe but what else can be true. Also can relate with what Kat is saying in her comment. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, love your bog and totally feel the same. I love the support of those that know me and believe in me and bugs me the loved ones that freak on me. And I have plenty of those.
My husband and I did a round, he lost 69 lbs but he was 380 lbs to start. I lost about 35 lbs but lost mostly inches, I went from size 20 to 12 as most weight was around my middle.
I have maintained for 4 months now but with all the cookies I am up 2 lbs now.
I am nervous as I start the diet again on Christmas as I have a surgery on eyes scheduled on Feb 8th so want to be completely done with it.
Everyone I know could not do the diet with much success so not sure why I could and Matthew but we were so determined.
My husband could not do the second round. So I worry. To me I think it has to be easier as you know what you are up against but people I know say it is harder. I am going to choose to look at it like it is a breeze.
I have to admit, you are have to eat right, look at those that do great, try hard and to hell with those that just don't believe in you, there are lots out there.
I am so excited, loading Dec 24th and 25th.

Jay said...

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