Thursday, March 19, 2009

R2P2 Day 19 - Muffin-less Me!

P2R2 Starting Weight 03/01/09: 160.0
Yesterday: 148.2
Today: 147.8
Released Since Start of VLCD: 12.6 lb.
Average Daily Release: 0.79 lb.
Total lb. Released with hCG: 32.4

Playing catch-up today. Yesterday we were up and running most of the day and I just plain forgot! Nothing really eventful with protocol, though.

BF is really noticing the changes in my body and says so often. He kept pulling at the seat of my jeans yesterday and saying things like, "Where's your butt??" LOL All in good fun, because I've never had one! Seriously, though - I put on a pair of jeans yesterday (fresh outta the dryer) That are always a bit snug at first, and they slid right on with room to spare! OMG! Same this morning, except these are my "muffin-top" jeans because they sit so low on my hips. Guess what - NO MUFFIN!! I'm going to be adventurous after I post this and go try on my "boloney-skin" khakis that I used to only wear to work when there was nothing else.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: 1 orange

Lunch (4 p.m.): 3 asparagus spears and 100g low-fat cottage cheese + 1 orange (yuuummm)

Dinner (8:30 p.m.): Krab un-wich with mustard

Have any of you ever been to Jimmy John's? They have an un-wich that's wrapped in huge lettuce leaves instead of bread. SO good. I don't seem to be stalling with the imitation crab meat, so I'm going to keep it unless I stall. I also bought broccoli last night and I'm going to try it out. I know it's a little late this round, but I cannot stand the sight of asparagus, cabbage or celery anymore! lol

I bought Vitamin C, zinc and echinacea last night, because I am NEVER sick this long. Every morning I wake up with a swollen, sore throat that is starting to last though most of the day. I'm starting to think it might be allergies. I'm going to see my NAET lady not this coming Monday, but the next. Gotta love the budget.

Aunt B. will be here soon to walk. This is something new we're doing... Physical Exertion. Grimace.

More tomorrow ... ~*~


Anonymous said...

Congrats on releasing your muffin!

applebottomblues said...

Bye Bye Muffin! Take a hike!

Thanks for that link to JJs. I went to their website and found out there's one near Nakia's job. That Un-wich looks great!

Dusty Rose said...

Congratulations! It is SO fun to find your clothes starting to sag. Keep up the good work!

Mo2Lose said...

Congrats on losing the muffin! I am going to try that resturant with some friends. Thanks!

M said...

OMG YAAAAY! Non-muffin jeans are the best kind of jeans. yOu are doing awesome!!! I have several pairs of pant that I hope to un-muffin this round. I hope I hope I hope!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the Jimmy Johns tip. I never knew that. Oh I love Jimmy Johns bread.... it is a killer. hahaha

Angel Locs said...

Congrats on losing muffin top, OMG it must be great to wear your jeans without a muffin top. Your are doing GREEEAAT!!! I hope can reach my goal to wear a pair of jeans without muffin top tagging along.

Thanks for the tip I will have to see if there is a Jimmy Johns in Arizona

By the way hope you get to wear that bikini soon