Sunday, March 8, 2009

P2R2 Day 8 - Grissini Galore!

P2R2 Starting Weight 03/01/09: 160.0
Yesterday: 154.6
Today: 153.6 (-1.0)
Released Since Start of VLCD: 6.8 lb
Average Daily Release: 1.36 lb
Total lb. Released with hCG: 26.6

Ugh. I am so tired today. Daylight savings' end always kicks my butt.

I am skipping my injection today to see how it goes. So far, so good. I didn't even feel like making lunch until 2 p.m.

Today's Menu:
Breakfast: coffeeee!

Lunch: 96/4 beef seasoned with all sortsa stuff. Seasoned salt (yikes - the ingredients are a little scary, but I may have used 1 tsp. total), pepper, garlic and onion powders with 5 ripped cabbage leaves and about 1/3 c. water to make a flavorful broth. :) This was pretty good.

Dinner: 4 grissini and Diet Pepsi. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! lol I finally made that grissini and it was so damn good I ate double my daily portion at one meal! But that's all I ate. Which probably isn't good either.

The recipe is very good and easy as-is. I did change a couple of things, just to make it "mine". I brushed the grissini lightly with one beaten egg before I put them in the oven so they came out soft inside and firm outside. I also only baked them for 10-15 min. total instead of 15-20 because I divided the dough into about 30 bread sticks. They were way too thin to bake that long on that temp and not burn or dry right out. If you are going to try this recipe, make sure you rotate the pans in the oven so that the same one isn't on the bottom rack the whole time. You'll burn 'em that way. Also feel free to experiment with the spices you use - basil, thyme, rosemary and garlic powder are what I used and oh - my gawd - they are good.

I skipped my injection today to see how I'd do. I don't know that I'll do that again. I was doubly as hungry and also a little 'sick' feeling all day. That's another reason I didn't have a normal dinner, but I may have just been so hungry that I felt sick. Wouldn't be the first time. I could just be coming down with something, but I'm suspicious that it was the lack of hcg. We will see.

I'm a lil scare to weigh in tomorrow morning, but I danced and now I have to pay the piper!


Anonymous said...

It's really cool you make your own grissini. I personally find it easier to just eat the ready made commercial ones ;-). But I'd love to try some of yours. Oh yeah, I just live half a globe away from you, and mailing it would be craziness, haha!

Btw, I did my second Sunday without injection and felt perfect! And lost another pound.. So why would this be different for you? Hmm..

Oh, and if you feel a cold coming up try this. I do this for years and it works! (skip forward to 2:00)

Peace & Good luck!

Dawn said...

I seriously dreamt about having a homeade grissini. hahaha