Sunday, March 22, 2009

P2R2 Day 22 - Chocolate Hell

P2R2 Starting Weight 03/01/09: 160.0
Yesterday: 147.8
Today: 146.2 (-1.6)
Released Since Start of VLCD: 14.2 lb.
Total lb. Released with hCG: 34.0

I'm experiencing some frustration and confusion today.

I have not moved on the scale one stinken ounce in the past three days. I have also not had a BM in over a week. (Sorry, no TMI warning... I'm just rambling.) BF could not find any "booboo tea" (as he calls it. lol) at the store the other day, and I have not had the ambition to go to the store and find my own.

Yesterday, I went to a close friend's 50th birthday party. I didn't realize there were going to be 30 people packed into this nice lady's single-wide. :) I sat at the kitchen table with her for most of the party, and directly in front of me was my water... a pan of brownies and two pans of cupcakes. I saw the chocolate icing, and strangely enough I really could have cared less if I ate one or not. They looked good, don't get me wrong, but not unavoidable even at 6 inches. I was hungry, though. I ended up rationalizing in my head that she was never going to have another 50th birthday party, I haven't seen this nice lady in years (she was my mom's best friend and we keep in touch online mostly) and oh well if I gain some back.

I ended up eating one cupcake (which tasted like crap except for the icing) and three brownies. The brownies tasted good, but I was left feeling like... "That's IT??" They didn't taste all that great, and I was not even close to satisfied. Plus, about two minutes later I felt like there was a rock in the pit of my stomache, my teeth felt gritty and my head was buzzing from all the sugar. I felt sick and ended up leaving early. D: If anything has cured my "sweet" cravings - that was it!

***TMI Alert***TMI Alert***

So I had a (very) small BM when I got home, probably from the sugar-shock. Does anyone else's stool look funny since starting the protocol? Don't give me that funny face, either, because I know you all look. HA! I ate an entire head of broccoli yesterday and drank at least a gallon of water (before the party) trying to get something to happen, and nothing.

So how did I drop over 1.5 pounds?? I don't get it... Probably the mass amount of water. Who knows. Anyhow, hope your weekends are going well and take it from me:

Stay AWAY from the sugar! It's NOT worth it!! >:P


Anonymous said...

Hello Amie -

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I am on R1P2 Day 18 and reading your pages has helped me out quite a bit. As a fellow PCOS-gall removed person my naturopathic doctor was curious as to how the shots would react with me. So far everything has worked according to what you and other folks have written about.. TMI - whats that?? Yes, my back door void has been quite interesting - yes I do look but only because who knew what a load of spinich or red cabbage can do to ones insides. Anyhow, thank you for keeping it real and keep up the great work. Oh yea, so last night we had company and dinner was pizza for them (pappa murphy's - cowboy!!!) it was SO HARD to not pick. What can I say? I ate a few olives w/ cheese - it was yummy.. Thanks Again!

Angel Locs said...

Hey Amie,

I agree with Michelle if not for yourself and applebottomblues I would be lost. Thanks for sharing the ups and the downs of your journey with us.

I must admit I the scale has not moved much for me in the past three days either.

And I always look its a good habit to be honest, I got a bm helper because they have been so small and I can feel I need to void but its a strain which is not usual for me.

Thanks do much for your post..

Bye the way I got frustrated today because the scale didn't eat the cookie...

Dawn said...

Sometimes when we mess up, it gives us the new motivation. Now, you won't be tempted as much next time. I'm so glad the scale showed in your favor!

applebottomblues said...

I'm glad you didn't have a gain from that. Whatever you did to correct worked. Reading about your experience is going to help me to fend off chocolate cravings for this round. I'll just think "remember what Amie said about chocolate!" LOL.

Hey... go check out my chocolate almond meringue recipe that I posted today. I'm also going to try it with chopped up sugar free chocolate bars from Trader Joe's. I know the only reason you indulged was because of the circumstance, but that'll give you something you can have with no guilt.

BizAdventure said...

HA! Chocolate!!! Isn't it funny tho Amie, think about it. When we have some really good losses in a row, and then we are met with temptations they are easier to resist then when we have have had no losses for several days. One has to wonder what makes our mind do stronger at times then other times. It's the same mind. But given the same circumstances and had you just had three one pound days then VIOLA what would have happened.

And girl? I only speak from EXPERIENCE! HA!

Mo2Lose said...

I totally relate to your blog Aime. I am having the same problems w/ the BM's. I had to drink smooth moove and boy did it work. I may need to drink more of that today. Dosen't it piss you off when you see something and expect it to taste so good and it dosen't??? I had that problem most of the weekend. I had a snack attack. It was not even worth it to me.

Here is to another great week! Thanks for the inspiration and I agree with Angela. You rock!

M said...

LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY. Unlike you, I was unable to stop myself this weekend. And totally screwed things up *cry cry cry*

Good for you for overcoming!