Tuesday, March 24, 2009

P2R2 Day 24 - Reflections on Deviating & Stalling

P2R2 Starting Weight 03/01/09: 160.0
Yesterday: 148.0
Today: 148.0
Released Since Start of VLCD: 12.4
Total lb. Released with hCG: 32.2

Am I sensing a lot of frustration out in blogland or WHAT?! ;) I'm going to take this time to breathe, relax and maybe talk through some things.

The past few days have been a debacle VLCD-wise. I gained back nearly 13% of my total loss, and I'm halfway through protocol. Not good. I knew it would happen, I was in total control, and I chose to sacrifice my awesome progress for the short-term. I own it, and I just hope that decision doesn't affect my ability to maintain in the long-run.

I ate next to nothing yesterday, and nothing that was on-protocol. I also skipped my injection for the second day in a row yesterday. I'm not sure if that was wise or not, but I took my dose today and am starting fresh. Regret is a wasted emotion.

My main concern when I (or anyone else) deviate is that my hypothalamus is not going to be properly reset and that I will have a harder time maintaining my total loss. This is especially crucial during the first 23 days of protocol. Doctor Simeons writes,

It seems that even in the mildest cases of obesity the diencephalon requires about three weeks rest from the maximal exertion to which it has been previously subjected in order to regain fully its normal fat-banking capacity. Clinically this expresses itself in the fact that when in these mild cases treatment is stopped as soon as the weight is normal, which may be achieved in a week, it is much more easily regained than after a full course of 23 injections.

This is one of several reasons that people progressing to P3 can have more of a challenge keeping their weight steady. Not deviating from protocol, especially during the initial three weeks, is crucial. But that is another blog-post altogether! :)

I also wanted to talk about stalls. I was stalled before this debacle came about, but I am sure that I was losing inches. I was told about one person who played with the same weight over an extended period, but ended up losing over 2 inches in each thigh during that time. The protocol was and is still working, even though the scale hasn't registered the way I'd like it to.

Long story short, I am not going to crown myself dubiously as a "Deviating Diva". I made a choice and am simply reaping the "rewards" of it. It was a learning experience and is now part of the past. If I continue to be stalled, I will not fret. I am going to honor this time of rest for my body, and trust that the protocol is still working for me, even without the drop in numbers scale-wise.

This protocol is a God-send and a miracle. I will not squander its potential any more for the short-term.

I will succeed.


Dawn said...

I love your positive attitude.

applebottomblues said...

You certainly will succeed. I deviated big time on my last round at a tailgate party. I went through all those same emotions so I'm there with you chica. You have the right attitude though... just pick yourself up and move on.

I wish you had told me though... I have a great day after "cure" for huge deviations... learned from Biz after that tailgate party. I don't put it out there because I don't want people thinking it's a license to cheat. It works for the weight loss, but of course I'm not sure about the diencephalon.

With your attitude, you are going to do fine.

M said...

Oh wiiise wiiise words of wisdom. Thank you for that :] You have really inspired me and I feel a renewed sense of "I CAN DO THIS!"

Thank you thank you thank you :]

BizAdventure said...

You know Amie, with Dr S not available we can't ask questions so we can only assume things. He was never clear with his whole "planned interruption" thing except to say that it was a loss of time. He didn't say specifically that this planned interruption had to take place before or after the 21 days to work, so I gotta assume that he meant that 21 days of hCG give our hypothalamus a break whether that happens we deviate or not.

I think back to the "fat boys" where he gave shots, fat moved, and yet he kept them on the same diet. So it was correction something - do you see what I mean? I don't think you are doomed if something happens during the 21 days, I do however think it's a colossal waste of time.

But you know me, always thinking.

Anonymous said...

As I found out during my 11 day stall, the temptation to deviate was incessant. My head kept saying, "What does it matter, you're not losing anyway," so I see how easily it can happen. I'm glad you're talking about it and moving on. It helps me to see that other people are having the same struggles that I'm having and not giving up. I cheering for you! ~Gina

Angel Locs said...

Thank you, Thank you Amie,

You are such an inspiration, this post means so much to so many of us who are new to Hcg protocol P2 especially me...

I am grateful for your words of wisdom, and your keep moving when the road gets tough attitude

JC said...

Love your site. I've ordered HCG and just waiting for it to arrive. I've been very concerned that I will not be able to stick with it because I love to eat. However, I have so much to lose that I must do something. Thanks for a great site and keeping it real.

LG7128 said...

Hello, I just found your blog because I am on an 8 day stall in R1P2 and getting frustrated. I wonder how you did eventually? I too want to reach the magic 25 lost and have hovered here between 15 & 17 for the last week; ever-faithful to the protocol but am having all kinds of cheat thoughts though I am not hungry. Hubby easily lost 20 and went on to P3; but I am hanging in until I lose it (today is day 27)Please write again.