Sunday, April 13, 2008

hcg on the way

I ordered my hcg today!! Now I just have to make sure I have all the supplies I need for this next round. Brandi said I could use one of her vials until my shipment gets here... So I should be able to start as soon as hers comes in!! YAY!!

I'd like to drop this 10 pounds I've managed to re-find since my last round ... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ;D

Oh yeah - I got a new tattoo today!! Some or None of you might read my other blog - BF is Hot (HOT) Tattooed and Pierced Tattoo Artist. Yes. (LOL)

Anyways, it's a little underwater-guy (Joey says crab. I refuse to tell people I've "got crabs" lol) that's just peeping his cartoon-y eyes out of the shadows of his shell with some coral and bubbles - CUTE. He's ... ummm ... right at top of the inside of my thigh. ;D ;D Did NOT hurt as bad as my shoulder-tattoo. Yes, again.

OK, enough TMI for today...



applebottomblues said...

Hey girl! so nice to see you here today. I have 10 lbs to backtrack on too. Don't worry, we can do this.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for taking such a leap and good luck on the weigh loss

I want to order HCG but I'm afraid of getting ripped off. Where do you order yours from?

EweWho said...

WooHoo! Amie is back! I was so happy to see you comment on my blog. I have missed you so much, and was really worried about you because you weren't in a very good place when you disappeared. I'm glad to see life has been good to you in your absence.

You don't have a lot of backtracking to do. You will have those extra pounds off quickly once you get back on the hCG!

B's Journey said...

I am sure you are excited I suggest working out or do a cleanse some people say they drop 6pounds or so with cleanse, I always wanted a dolphin tatoo on my chest, I still do but not sure about getting it (chicken)lol. Keep us posted my friend ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Amies joining us on P2!!! We all missed you. And your tattoo....!!!!!!!!!!!! The bravest I've been, tattoo-wise, is to get my lips tattooed with permanent make-up. Yes, that HURT.

Glad you're back!

BizAdventure said...

Ah yes! Good for you! Just a matter of time until you are on the LOSING train again. You have already seen what I wrote in my blog about the gain, so why worry ya know?

Becca said...

Hey cool! You're getting closer to being back on P2. I bet you and Brandi are pretty anxiously watching the mail... I remember it seemed like forever the first time we ordered ours. And like Christmas when it finally came!