Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I forgot to tell you all (you all = the 2 people that actually read my blog! lol) that the scales I got from Haddaway's on eBay were shipped yesterday from Kentucky. Yay! This is what I got:

Brand-new, in-the-box, WeighMax W-2810 Digital Kitchen/Food/Diet Scale. Description from Haddaways: The W-2810 Kitchen Scale is a versatile, reliable scale that includes a large platform and a large bowl to weigh liquid, powder or small items. The digital LCD with blue backlight makes weights easy to read. Features Include:
- 2000g (4.4lb) Capacity
- Precise 0.1oz / 1g Accuracy
- Runs on 4 AA batteries (included)
- Auto Power Off Function
- Large high contrast Blue Backlit LCD display
- Low Battery Indicator
- Full Range Tare function
- 10 Year Warranty!

Cost: $0.99 plus shipping (with insurance): $14.95 = $15.94


A brand-new, in-the-box WeighMax W-3813 Digital Bathroom Scale. Description from Haddaway's: The W-3813 Bathroom Scale offers a sleek, stylish look and is a versatile, reliable scale that includes a thick tempered glass platform, easy power-on (just tap the glass with your foot) and auto shut-off to save on batteries. The large digital LCD makes weights easy to read.
Features Include:
- 330lb (150kg) Capacity
- Precise 0.2lb / 0.1kg Accuracy
- Measures in pounds and kilograms
- Easy-on function (tap the scale)
- Runs on 2 CR2032 batteries (included)
- Auto Power Off Function (shuts off 4 seconds after you step off scale)
- Large (2.5" x 1") high contrast LCD display
- Overload Indicator
- Low Battery Indicator
- 10 Year Warranty!

Cost: $.01 plus shipping (with insurance): $21.95 = $21.96

It looks as though they make the bulk of their $$ on shipping, but the cost of the two scales together is about what you would pay for ONE good scale at all of the stores I checked out. (Plus I live in the sticks, so let's not even TALK about the gas-to-drive-there factor!) So, hopefully I didn't get screwed TOO badly. So now I have my supplies AND my scales coming in the mail ... I'M SO EXCITED!! *happy dance*

P.S. I just realized that the description of the bathroom scale says it has ".02lb/ 1kg accuracy". Does that mean it measures in 0.2lb increments?? I sure hope not :( That would put a lil kink in things.


L said...

My scale weighs in .2 pound increments. I'm sure your new scale will be great!


BizAdventure said...

Scales that weigh in .2 increments are the best for this protocol. It helps you catch anything that might go wrong. I am so wanting you to start already!!! I can't wait! HA! I bet you can't wait either!

Thanks for the really nice words on my blog. Feeling MUCH better today!

Renee said...

My scale also weighs in .2 lb increments. You'll do fine.

I loved getting my new scales and everything ready to start the protocol. It was like a Christmas all to myself. :)

wecandoit3 said...

Make that FOUR people who read your blog. ;) I am needing to pick up a 0.2 lb. increment scale this weekend. Ours only weighs in 0.5 lb. and we want to catch every lil' oz. lost, ya know! Good luck and best wishes...I'll be anxiously watching for you to *start!* :)

Amie Beth said...

You guys are all wonderful! Thank you to all four (dare I dream, FIVE? lol) of you who read my blog! I thought that my scale had to read in .01 lb. increments, but I guess .02 is good, then? :) That makes me feel better.

OMG Everyone! I CAN'T WAIT EITHER! lol I just have to get my stuff all together and we will start. It will be the first Friday after we have everything here, so hopefully next week... *cue Jeopardy music*

Wendy said...

From one more person reading you blog.... I too ordered my scales from Haddaways, I think you will really like them. I only had one issue and that was the shipping time. It took almost a month to get the bigger scale. Good luck with your protocol!!!

Amie Beth said...

A MONTH?? NOOoooooo!!!

lol .. ah well, we'll figure that one out I guess.

Thanks for the heads-up!