Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Down... and Food Questions

Well, my first scale arrived... I just have to go pick it up at the Post Office. *sigh* Now, if only my needles, etc. would get here along with the other scale, I'd be set! ;)

OK - I need some advice. Since I'm figuring on starting the protocol within the next week or so, (dependant completely on when my supplies arrive) I need to know what to shop for food-wise now. We'll be loading soon, and then there is the all-important Phase 2 food. What were (or should have been) your essential loading foods? What foods/spices/etc. do you feel are essential and/or do you find yourself returning to the store for during Phase 2?


Kim said...

Chicken, radishes, tomatoes, Herbamare Seasoning, Borsari Seasoning(salty but really good), Skewers, apples(big bag). I cut up my chicken in bite sized pieces, weigh them to 3.2 oz. and skewer them (using two skewers each as they are easier to turn on the grill)then season with dry rubs like Borsari & grill. Make several at a time as they are easy to reheat and even good cold. Check out Renee's Tomato soup recipe, AWESOME! I make this almost every day and don't get sick of it. I basically live on this stuff every day with a few deviations. Renee has wonderful recipes...her Chili is really good too. Always keep radishes, tomatoes, apples, and chicken kabobs on hand and you'll do fine as they are ready in a flash and really transportable! Looking back, good loading foods would have been croissants with butter and jelly, chocolate shakes, pizza, do it up right! I really didn't and regret it...I was, believe it or not, too busy to load. Hope this helps.


Amie Beth said...

Awesome ~ Thanks for the great advice, Kim!

BizAdventure said...

In addition to the above, this is what I do. I get the chicken breast on the bone. I tear off the meat and then I measure it into my 3.5 oz portions and then stick the bones, and onion and about 4 stalks of celery into a soup pot and let simmer a few hours. I let cool, then I stick it in the fridge, pot and all, and let all the grossness float to the top.

I then skim and strain the veggies and bones and make ice cubes out of the broth and put it into a plastic gallon ziplock. That way I have little cubes to throw in my stir fry. I also freeze in little snack bags about a cup for when I want to make soup.

I could not do without my Grinders from McCormick - all of them are great!

If I think of anything else, I will let you know.