Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bargain Shopper! (supplies)

I was shopping online for supplies and if my calculations are correct, you can get a much better deal from vs.

What I did was go to HCG Supplies and click on the link to buy supplies for one 43-day protocol. Their price for use with 5000 IU is $67.95 plus shipping. (from the site: 45--Luer-Lock Sterile Needle/Syringe Combos, 2--30cc sterile capped vials, 2--Large Syringes w/needles, 2--30cc vials of Bacteriostatic Water, 60--Alcohol Wipes) Eddie and I are doing this together, so I needed supplies for both of us. I went to Research Supply, and for:
  • (4) 30 mL vials of Bacteriostatic Water
  • (4) 30 mL Amber Sealed Sterile Glass vials
  • (1) 25-count box Excel 3 mL Luer-lock syringes with 1.5" 18-guage needles
  • (1) 100-count box Excel 3 mL Luer-lock syringes with 1" 25-guage needles
  • (1) 200-count box Alcohol Prep Pads

I spent $59.35 TOTAL for enough supplies for TWO 40+ day protocols with some left over. We'll wait and see if I get everything as ordered, etc. but I have no reason to believe that there will be any problems. I hope I did that right! ;) If not I guess I'll figure it out soon enough.


BizAdventure said...

Oh yes, research supply is the way to go! They are MUCH cheaper than buying the kits! Looking forward to watching your progress when you start!

navy4whl said...

Howdy --Researchsupply is definitely the ticket. We ordered from HCGsupplies the first time just because we were ignorant as far as what we needed. I think they are good for newbies. nay

HCG Believer said...

I'd like to exchange links with you as I'm just starting on the HCG diet. Please link my blog:

Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

What about this ? They have better rate, check it out.

HCG Discount Supplies

Anonymous said...

I would say yes to they are way cheaper than hcg supplies.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they are cheaper than hcgsupplies, but I really like It has really helped me to understand the diet, as I am a newbie. They were really helpful and quick with some questions I had also.

LeaCabrera said...

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Barbara said...

I have lost almost 100 pounds doing HCG and I now sell it way cheaper than some of the places you are shopping. Check out my website

HCG Supplies said...

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Aurora said...

Thanks for sharing this link and the list of supplies.

Barbara, are you on crack? Your stuff is SO not cheaper than what Amie paid.