Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I'm ready to start my next P2! Do I have my food scale yet? No. Do I have anything that resembles P2 food? Ummm... not really. I do have chicken breasts and some apples. And coffee (blessed coffee!), and some tea. Annnnd... lotsa water! That's good enough, right?? RIGHT! :D

OK, maybe not. But I am officially CHOMPING AT THE BIT. My aunt hasn't gotten back to me as to whether she really, officially wants to do this with me, and I'm thisclose to just saying screw it and starting alone. I hate to do that, though, because I really want her to experience this protocol. I'm going to call her shortly and work it all out. I do have enough supplies for us to start together... I think the only thing I don't have for us both to do a full 30-40 day round is enough insulin syringes. We can get those pretty easily.

I may mix tonight and start loading tomorrow. I am also just getting over TOM, which is the time to start according to Dr. Simeons.

So much to do, so much to do...


Dawn said...

I am doing this by myself and it would be awesome to have someone else to do it with. I can't wait to hear how the 2nd phase goes. Did you end up gaining any on maintenance??? Did you EVER eat a cookie??? hahaha just curious..: )

Anonymous said...

Hy Amy, you are using real HCG right? No synthetic fake stuff?

Good luck! I am doing well so far :-).