Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Closer

I got an email this morning - my food scale has shipped! Check one off the list...

Went to Meijer's tonight and got some 96/4 burger, a 1/2 gallon of ACV, spigot-mount water purifier, Melba toast, sea salt, cabbage, asparagus, stevia packets, (I prefer liquid stevia, but the health-food store I get it at closes at 4 p.m. on Fridays. Growl.) two pints of ice cream and a bag or two of random candy. Thank yooooou skinny boyfriend and 6 y.o. daughter! lol Funniest thing, though... I have no desire for any of the junk. I made them hot chocolate when we got home. I didn't want any. They ate Cadbury cream eggs... OK, so I had one of those. ;) But the ice cream and candy don't even sound good. I am so ready for P2.

Although I bought two boxes of Melba toast today, I think I'm going to use them as backup and make my own grissini again. I can't find the recipe I used last time, so I went surfing tonight and found a few that sounded good. One of them even gives an interesting little history on the grissini. If any of you are sick of the bland, store-bought version and want to try your hand (it's not that hard, trust me!), I've linked the recipes I liked best below. I'm going to try the basil & parmesan for sure, omitting the parmesan. The grissini I made last round had all sorts of italian seasonings in them, so I'll probably add just a little garlic and rosemary and fresh-ground pepper too... Mmmmmm...

Aparna's Grissini Recipe

Parmesan & Cracked Pepper Grissini

L.A. Times Grissini Recipe

Frasca's Grissini Recipe - More of the same, but sounds really simple.

Culinary Bazaar Grissini - This recipe looks delicious as well as easy. I'm going to try this version for sure, sans parmesan.

Buhbye for now ~*~


Kat Martin said...

i wanna make the grissini it sounds so good! I prolly should wait til p4 tho right?

Dawn said...

HI! Thanks for your comments on my blog, again. I did read the instructions like you said. My doctor told me different things so I'll go and read it again and be more strict. Hopefully that will help me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amie, are you already injecting HCG? Or are you binging before the first phase started! ;-)