Friday, February 20, 2009

I missed you, I missed you!!

Hello all!!!!

I am so jazzed to be back up and running with my home, with my family, with my love, with my LIFE! I am close to being ready to do another round of hcg to take off what is hopefully my last 20-30 pounds. I finally have someone in my life who is supportive of my desire to lose weight this way, and one of my family members is willing to do it with me. YES!

Thank you to everyone who has helped in the past, and welcome to those new to this whole hcg "thing". I've found a few new resources and have a couple of new tricks up my hot little sleeve, so watch out! Amie's BACK!

xoxo ~*~


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, good luck with your new start! Will keep on eye on your blog.

Kat Martin said...

Can't wait to see your success and get to a healthy- lifetime weight!