Saturday, May 3, 2008

P2R2D10 - VLCD Day 8

Rrrrrrrrrrg. Having a VLCD meltdown today.

I just went through my cupboards and threw away every single chip and cookie in my house. All this crap is not helping the effort.

At least I'm just stalled. It's even more irritating because I could be in the low-mid 150's by now and it's my fault I'm not. I think I may have some form of OCD or something - it's like I don't even realize I'm eating chips until they're IN my mouth.

Sigh. Start again.


Ed & Jennifer said...

Hi Aim!!! Okay, I'm finally all caught up on your blog. Good job on throwing out that baaaaaad food. Don't you worry about your little deviations at least you've still lost almost 6 lbs in 8 days!!!

How is Brandi doin'? Stay strong girly! OMG, what tattoo do ya want?

Becca said...

You've had such good losses in spite of the deviations that one little day of a stall is not bad at all. you'll be down again tomorrow! Hang in there girl!

maryg911 said...

Amie sorry to hear about your deviation, but Queen Deviator (aka Maryg911) is here and wants to share that I myself had that same experience yesterday as well, but I'm blaming TOM for all of it!!! He's scheduled to arrive later this week but with HCG, one can never tell. Good going on throwing everything out that should be a big help but don't go and buy more now like I do, haa!! Hope everything gets better for you!!

Luvya, take care!!

triplejtb said...

Ah Amie...don't beat yourself up least it wasn't a gain...and it you fixed it by throwing away all the tempting goodies...stay strong


applebottomblues said...

Awww... don't worry about that stall one bit. Just keep up those liquids and you'll be fine. At least you threw all the bad stuff away. I had a meltdown and ate the rest of a box of cheezits last week & had a gain, so don't beat yourself up over it and just Start Again like you said.

B's Journey said...

You did a great job tossing them out! You'll lose them pounds my friend just try to stick to VLCD as much as you can. pls. don't beat yourself up about it so much, you know stress makes you EAT!
Love Ya ;)