Friday, April 17, 2009

P3R2 Day 6: Over LIW but Still Within Range

LIW +1.6

TOM is finally outta here, so I'm going to try another egg correction day to see if I can lose a couple of omg-I-ate-a-calzone-yesterday pounds. *cough*

I will keep updating here about once a week or so, but my daily check-ins for P3 will be with Biz's Boot Camp over at HTA. Join us over there if you want the daily Amie-Scoop. ;)

Just to give y'all and idea, I've pretty much been living off of egg/ham/cheese omelettes and turkey/cheese/mayo unwiches. (That's a sandwich wrapped in lettuce leaves instead of bread, a'la Jimmy John's)

I've had to do one correction day thus far, with a 2-pound loss registering the next morning. BOOyah! I officially love P3, and it's ONLY because of the awesome guidance and support I get from you all and the wonderful peeps over at HTA. I can't stress enough how important it is to have this kind of support system.

Thanks for stopping by - caio for now!


cb9094 said...

Good Job Amie...I'll see you in Bootcamp in two weeks!!


BizAdventure said...


Doing the P3 thang like a pro!

ibanezfam said...

Hi Amie- I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your success with HCG. I am pretty new at this-R1 day 20 of the VLCD. I have a blog, and would love feedback as you see fit! Thanks again for sharing and I will be keeping up with you!

Dusty Rose said...

Hi Amie. You are doing a great job. P4 is just around the corner! I wish I could figure out how to maneuver the HTA site. You keep raving about it, but I've tried a couple of times and it is just too complicated. I'm not that good at "threading." Blogging is a stretch for me. I tried to get to Biz's Boot Camp (you've recommended) but couldn't figure out how to get in. Would also like to get the book, but afraid that I won't be able to figure out how to download it! :( I'm happy for you though, and hope you can keep it up. I enjoy your blog.

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